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Nachos with Chili
Lindsay Duus.png
“Caribbean Peppa is my go to sauce! Breakfast sandwiches and tacos are my favorite things to add it to. And as good as it tastes, my actual favorite thing is knowing how simple and clean the ingredients are.”

Lindsay Duus

Chris Regis.jpg

“Plant Bomb Caribbean sauce is the most versatile sauce I have tasted to date.
I use it over rice to make quick vegetarian stir fries taste delicious and have even used it as a flavor for salad dressing. There is flavor to this sauce and the heat doesn’t subtract or distract from that flavor.”

Chris Regis

Greek Dips
Lisa Molinaro.jpg

“I love Plantbomb! My favorites are garlic tahini as a dip with fresh veggies and Caribbean peppa adds a garlicky spicy kick to tortilla chips! ”

Lisa Molinaro

Jordan Lessler.png

“Sauce lovers…pour it on! Plant Bomb tastes light and fresh and goes with nearly any meal you can dream up. I never feel guilty adding a little bit extra because the ingredients are so healthy and delicious.”

Jordan Lessler

Meal in One Plate
DSC02590 copy.jpg
Jordan Phillips.jpg
“I’m a huge fan of all of the Plant Bomb sauces. They're a daily part of giving our favorite foods even more flavor and the variety of options covers nearly every type of meal.
Plant Bomb is honestly so great that I find myself trying to find excuses to put it on things and eat it."

Jordan Phillips

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