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Meet the man behind the bottle you'll never want to put down!

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Visionary Rajiv Harry inspired the development of Plant Bomb: an award-winning culinary master who believes that health, wellness, and nutritional goodness are all explosive parts of living a wholesome lifestyle.


Rajiv, a fitness / health and wellness coach and professional Chef, realized that his friends and family were blasting their food with terrible ingredients to help enhance flavors. It was in that moment that he was motivated to start Plant Bomb and bring healthy, mouth-watering flavor to every kitchen. And thus, Plant Bomb was born. 


His vision led to a brand of flavor-packed, healthy, versatile sauces that are nutritious, delicious, plant-based, and exploding with all the deliciousness one can imagine.

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Unlike so many food sauces on the market today that leave a debris trail a mile wide, every bottle of Plant Bomb is a powerhouse of flavor that’s filled with only the purest of clean ingredients that are always non-GMO, gluten and dairy-free, and almost fully organic. You will never find fillers or unnecessary nonsense in a bottle of Plant Bomb because Rajiv won’t have it!


Food and nutrition are not new to Rajiv. For over a decade he was a professional Chef who always focused on quality ingredients and their nutritional benefits. Understanding how food helps us live longer and thrive is at the very core of everything Rajiv believes, and it is the very heart of Plant Bomb.


Helping you create the healthiest, flavor-filled life is our mission.  No fillers, just flavor – that’s the Rajiv Harry and Plant Bomb Way!


Every bottle of Plant Bomb is overflowing with only the purest, cleanest, plant-based essential ingredients to make every mouthful of your food an explosion of flavor.

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Learn how to make Rajiv's favorite recipes that pair perfectly with your Plant Bomb sauces!

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