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Using the finest Californian almonds, Thai Almond is a rift on classic peanut sauce, but OH, SO MUCH BETTER. Silky smooth, rich and decadent, Thai Almond is nutrient-dense, versatile and a luxurious essential to have in your kitchen. Almond and food lovers alike will go adore what one serving can do to your bowls, stir fries, noodles, and dips! Layered bold flavors build on your palette, making every morsel so much better. Using dry roasted Californian Almonds, a hint of lime, coconut, ginger, coriander and so much more, this is your new WOW!  Now that’s pure saucery!

Thai Almond

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  • Coconutmilk (Water, Coconut Cream,  Coconut Tree Sap, Sea Salt), Almond Butter (Dry Roasted Almonds), Agave*, Vinegar*,  Lime Juice.  Contains Less Than 2% Of Ginger Root*, Garlic, Bird's Eye Chili*, Spice, L Malic Acid (Naturally Derived From Apples)

    *organic ingredients
    Contains: almonds and coconut

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